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How to Transition Your Furnished Rental into a Smart Home?

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Published Date: 2020-05-25
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Do you offer temporary furnished houses for corporate travelers, vacationers, or individuals relocating into your area? If so, offering convenience is a great way to ensure a steady stream of tenants who rave about your space long after leaving it.

Offering things like home automation systems in corporate furnished rentals can make guests' lives easier. There's no longer a need to crawl out of bed to adjust the temperatures or get up early to draw the blinds to let in the sun. Whether home or away, things like lights, televisions, cars, shades, and even medical devices can be operated from a remote location.

There are many different devices you can incorporate into your home to make it "smarter" and more convenient to live in. Some of them include the following:

  • Detectors – Smart detectors can help you stay in the loop about things like whether the stove has been turned off and whether your garage door is shut and locked. You can immediately be notified of smoke or carbon monoxide in your home, which is crucial to the safety of your tenants.
  • HVAC Systems – Heating and cooling systems that are "smart" let you control the temperature of a space from wherever you are. This is a great way to avoid expending extra energy, which can lead to smaller electric bills every month. This is one of the most common and most useful smart home installations done today.
  • Lighting – When you have smart lighting, a phone or tablet can be used to control lights in your temporary furnished houses. In addition, it can be automated to turn off and on based on a schedule or using motion sensors.
Smart Homes by CHBO
  • Security Systems – Those staying in corporate furnished rentals are going to want to feel secure, and a security system can offer that. These smart devices are regularly being updated to provide more information. This helps ensure that everyone in the family is safe and secure at all times.
  • Window Coverings – Some electric shades now let you open up the blinds without leaving bed. You can program them or hit a button to open or close them at your leisure. This is a small convenience that can go a long way in showing you care about tenants and their time.
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While you don't have to add all of these items to your corporate furnished rentals, smart homes are hot right now. Even having a couple of convenient smart options can put you on top of the stack for homes in your area.

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