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Property Manager Miscellaneous

Property Manager - A Want or Necessity?

Published Date: 2015-08-26

According to one of our recent reports at CorporateHousingbyOwner, we discovered that around 82% of property owners are taking care of their own property management. While it's certainly possible to...

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Rental Laws: Portland, Oregon - Portland Corporate Housing

Published Date: 2015-07-10

Whenever you are offering short term housing, or looking for corporate housing, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with some of the most important rental regulations and laws in Portland,...

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Dallas Corporate Housing Miscellaneous

City Spotlight: Dallas Corporate Housing!

Published Date: 2015-07-01

When you find out that you will be moving to Dallas for work with your company, whether it’s a permanent job or a temporary transfer, the information can be daunting. You need to make sure that you...

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Boston Corporate Housing Miscellaneous

City Spotlight – Boston Furnished Housing!

Published Date: 2015-06-16

Are you getting ready to make the move to Boston for your company? Whether you will be staying in the Boston Corporate Housing for a few weeks, a few months, or a year or longer, the prospect of...

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Avenue west phoenix corporate housing Miscellaneous

City Spotlight: Phoenix Furnished Housing!

Published Date: 2015-05-12

Are You Looking for Corporate Housing or Furnished Housing in Phoenix? Have you ever been to Phoenix? It is a truly gorgeous place in the desert when the skies are wide, the stars are brighter and...

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Successful CHBO Property Owners Miscellaneous

Real Estate Secrets: Details of the Successful CHBO Property Owner

Published Date: 2015-03-10

The real estate secret is revealed as CHBO details what a successful Corporate Housing Property Owner looks like. Frequently we get asked, "Can my rental be a successful corporate housing rental and...

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Writing furnished rental listing Description Miscellaneous

Your Listing Description SUCKS.

Published Date: 2015-02-20

Without renters, your property sits empty. Not only does that mean you’re not making any money off it, but it means that property is actually costing you. You’ve got a mortgage payment to...

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Nino Properties Miscellaneous

City Spotlight: Houston Corporate Housing

Published Date: 2015-02-12

In a city the size of Houston, Texas, it’s a simple matter to locate corporate housing options and luxury apartments. There are literally thousands of options available. It’s the largest city in...

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New Orleans Furnished Housing Miscellaneous

City Spotlight: New Orleans Corporate Housing

Published Date: 2015-01-20

Get Local: New Orleans Corporate Housing The Big Easy has never been better, and it’s never been easier to find New Orleans corporate housing. The city is seeing huge demand from a number of...

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