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Just WRONG! Corporate Housing Rentals are not "crash pads"!

Published Date: 2014-12-16

I really hate it when people are just WRONG! FACT: Corporate Housing Rentals come in ALL shapes and sizes. FICTION: Corporate Housing is only for corporate travelers. FICTION: Corporate...

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Relocation Advice

Corporate Relocation Report: What does it cost????

Published Date: 2014-12-03

We all know that corporate relocation clients comprise the largest segment of corporate housing users. So when they tell me relocation is on the upswing I know it is good for business. According to...

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Corporate Travelers Relocation Advice

What is relocation talent management?

Published Date: 2014-06-19

What is relocation talent management? A few years ago I served on the Advisory Board for ERC Worldwide / Employee Relocation Council. Relocation is the single biggest reason tenants stay in corporate...

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Major league baseball housing Relocation Advice

A reminder that Corporate Housing is a perfect solution for Major League Baseball players

Published Date: 2014-03-14

Even though spring training is well in gear, now is a great time to get a jump start on your corporate housing search for both baseball players and staff heading into the season. Why Corporate...

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Relocation Advice

Top Corporate Housing Rental Questions to Ask!

Published Date: 2013-10-30

All Corporate Housing Rentals or Corporate Housing Companies are NOT created equal When you are a renter you need to know not all corporate housing rental or corporate housing companies are the...

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Relocation Advice

Corporate Relocation Questions & Data

Published Date: 2013-04-30

This month the annual Corporate Housing Industry Report came out showing that gross rents for Serviced Corporate Apartments was $2.66 Billion in 2012 and 37% of that business or $984,200,000.00 was a...

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Corporate Moves Relocation Advice

The Top Moving Destinations According to U-Haul!

Published Date: 2013-04-29

You see those colorful U-Haul trucks making their way throughout America. But have you ever wondered where they're all going? According to data from U-Haul, a large number of people are relocating...

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andy van slyke home for sale Relocation Advice

The Latest Professional Athletes Corporate Homes for Sale

Published Date: 2013-04-26

Here's a list of some of the latest real estate moves for professional athletes this month: The move from New York to Los Angeles is nearly complete for LA Laker's head coach, Mike D’Antoni....

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Atlanta tops list as top places to move Relocation Advice

Where to Live? Here are the top 10 cities people are moving to.

Published Date: 2013-03-13

According to the US Census bureau, more than 36 million Americans relocated to another state and Cities in 2012. Where are they moving to? It seems that the quest for better weather was the...

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