What is Corporate Housing?

Many people have heard of corporate housing, but unless they’ve used it before, some may not truly know what it is.

In a nutshell, corporate housing is a furnished property available for short-term rent. Let’s say you’re going on a business trip for two (2) months to Orlando. Instead of living out of a suitcase in a stark hotel, you can rent a fully-furnished house or condo for two months instead.

Many people compare corporate rentals to vacation rentals. They are similar in that both lodging types are furnished and available for short-term rent. The key difference is a vacation rental can be available for shorter periods of time – like a week. Plus, many vacation rentals are set up as such – they’re in vacation hot spots and include ammenties vacation-goers seek like beach towels or bikes.

On the other hand, corporate rentals are typically available for one month or longer stays and are located in business zones – although not always! Many corporate rentals are found in suburbs, near schools and parks too. Corporate rentals are stocked with ammenities traveling business folk desire, like a desk and high-speed internet, for example. Some owners of furnished housing market their property as both a vacation and a corporate rentals.

Remember, if you’re traveling for one month or more and don’t want to stay in a hotel for that long, you can search the listing on CorporateHousingbyOwner.com and find a property that suits your needs, budget and personality!

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