Make Your Corporate Housing Rental Easier with a Streamlined Lease Method

Corporate Housing Rental lease

You want your corporate housing rental system to be as simple as possible, and so too do your renters. Yet, you cannot take any shortcuts with your corporate housing rental documents because it is the most significant and important document you will use. It will include all of the terms, rules, legal issues, and financial details relating to the rental of the property.

In Corporate Housing Rental Documents 101: The Lease Agreement we encouraged you to always have your standard corporate housing rental documents reviewed by a qualified attorney. They should be able to quickly assess it, give you notes or tell you if it is a functional document for all future corporate housing rental arrangements.

Customizing Your Corporate Housing Rental Documents

Naturally, you have more than the lease in terms of rental documents. There are applications and other essentials. Yet, each has to be customized to your business as well as the individual clients. This means you need a reliable set of templates that can be updated easily and effectively.

The good news is that you’ll find many easy to use and totally reliable methods for drafting both the templates and custom corporate housing rental documents on demand.

Simplifying the Corporate Housing Rental Process

We are in the age of the internet, and everything has gone online and even mobile. This is great for those with a corporate housing rental or two available. After all, it means you can post a sample lease online or use a trustworthy service to send and have documents signed by renters.

For instance, “CHBO has evolved into offering Docusign as a way for its landlords to transmit rental documents electronically, the feature is mobile friendly, as well,” says company CEO Jeremy Blackburn.

This can be a remarkably easy way to streamline your operations, allowing clients to receive and return legal, signed agreements in minutes!

CHBO Property Spotlight: San Francisco Corporate Housing Option in Famous Russian Hill Neighborhood

San Francisco corporate housing

You may not know the name Russian Hill, but it is the official title of San Francisco’s highest hills and most crooked streets. The famed Lombard Street is found here, and though you may think that this means it is a heavily touristed area, think again. It is full of charming and cozy cafes, quiet little restaurants, an array of shops, and is within minutes of other hotspots, including Pacific Heights, Fisherman’s Wharf and Marina Beach, among others. It is also home to idyllic San Francisco corporate housing options.

San Francisco Furnished Rentals in Demand More than Ever

Set in the famed Russian Hill area, this  San Francisco corporate housing is a condo-style property high at the top floor of an iconic early twentieth century home. Recently renovated and professionally decorated and designed, it is a two-bedroom and two-bath masterpiece that is much more than the sum of its parts. A CHBO Certified home, it stands apart from San Francisco furnished rentals for its convenient location, stunning scenery, comprehensive range of options, and its esthetic beauty.

After all, whether visiting for an extended business stay, as part of a relocation process or just for the pure pleasure of a visit to the region, this San Francisco corporate housing provides show-stopping views from almost every room. The great room includes an enormous bank of oversized windows that gaze out to the bay at North Beach. Your views take in Alcatraz, Pier 39 and more. And with a walkability score nearing 100, it means that you can see and do just about everything easily from your own front door.

Enjoy time in the dining area or large living room or head inward to the open kitchen with its premium appliance and additional lounging space. Unlike many San Francisco furnished rentals, this one features a private entrance that takes you inside your foyer with its dramatic skylights and beautiful artwork. From here you can head to the kitchen or to the amazing master bedroom. With a queen bed, fireplace and bay window gazing out to the views, it is more than just a little retreat. It opens into a large and full-sized office, which is another rarity in San Francisco corporate housing, allowing you to work from home when needed.

The bathrooms are spa-like retreats and the guest room is a charmer with its dual beds, colorful palette and private bath. And when the day is done, you can enjoy another feature rare to San Francisco furnished rentals – the rooftop deck with its unprecedented views of the city. Experts say that demand for furnished rentals are continually on the rise, and this wonderful home is ideal for a short or long term rental for a couple or group of any kind.

A Better Option Than a Security Deposit for a Furnished Apartment

ARDI for Your Corporate Housing Rental

We don’t know about you, but we really prefer our money to work for us and not sit earning low to no interest for someone else. Yet, this is exactly what a security deposit will do! Whether renting a furnished apartment or corporate housing, you understand why a security deposit is required, but all of that money could be going to much better use. That is why we suggest ARDI.

Accidental Rental Damage Insurance for Your Next Furnished Apartment Rental

Accidental Rental Damage Insurance is a low-cost policy that covers a set amount of damage that might occur during a stay in a furnished apartment of any kind. It is a form of accidental damage coverage and means that it would cover everything from repairs due to an overflowing bath tub to a few broken dishes.

Setting Up ARDI for Your Corporate Housing Rental

In our blog entitled “Sick of Paying Security Deposits? Here’s how to avoid ’em” we mentioned ARDI as a way of cutting out of pocket costs for corporate housing rentals. After all, many security deposits range in the hundreds to thousands of dollars. And though a furnished apartment might be paid for by a company, it shouldn’t put any stress on the budget or the bottom line.

Insurance rental by CHBO

And as you might guess, it isn’t just an option for renters, but also a great product for those renting corporate housing properties. As CHBO’s Jeremy Blackburn says, “ARDP (Accidental Rental Damage Protection) is still a great alternative to traditional deposits. It’s used by many of our landlords.”

This is why they include ARDI in their Property Protection Program with policies as high as $3k in accidental damage.

Keep in mind that unreported issues are not covered and you will want to always encourage renters to notify you as soon as they discover anything that would be covered by their policy.