How to Welcome Pets in Fully Furnished Apartments for Rent

Pet friendly apartments

As someone with fully furnished apartments for rent, you may balk at the idea of allowing a constant stream of renters with pets to stay in your properties. Yet, national corporate housing statistics reveal that roughly 40% of rentals are pet friendly, and this has helped them to remain fully booked, or booked more often than before.

Pet friendly apartments

Naturally, there are a few ways to approach the issue, and ensure that the fully furnished apartments for rent emerge without any need for in-depth cleaning, repairs or replacements due to pet damages.

Advice from national corporate housing owners typically includes the following steps to ensure the best results when you rent a furnished apartment to someone with pets:

  • Limitations are fine and allowing one small dog and up to two cats is a good policy
  • Security fees are anticipated, so be sure you calculate a reasonable deposit per pet or rental
  • Think about the possibilities, beginning from the floor and upward. You can do a lot to protect flooring, furnishings, walls and moldings from any damages. Consider the finishes on the floors, add door mats to catch debris caught in paws and shoes and even treat more rugged upholstery with stain blocking agents.
  • Think fragility. You may like offering fully furnished apartments for rent that feature your collections of trinkets, books or other unique items. However, they are breakable or tempting to pets. It’s best to leave those out of the mix.

With just those few steps, you can make your apartments for rent welcoming to pets and to your bank account, avoiding damages and potential issues for all.

Corporate Housing in San Francisco Is Still a Savvy Choice

San Francisco corporate housing

Though corporate housing in San Francisco is recognized as some of the most popular and in demand, it still remains a wonderfully savvy option for those in need of a furnished rental. While long stay business hotels still exist, the constant demand for short term rentals throughout the San Francisco region makes it a wonderfully ripe marketplace for travelers of many kinds.

However, if you are the owner (or intended owner) of a furnished rental, you will want to pay attention to the challenges facing corporate housing in San Francisco. As one of the first cities in which the Airbnb model really exploded, it is also a city in which legal issues have also appeared.

San Francisco corporate housing

New rules require any furnished rental to be officially registered and it can be available for no more than 90 days out of each calendar year. However, if you “host” (meaning you remain on the premises during the “visit”), the potential is unlimited. Thus, something as simple as a locking, dividing door can make the difference between a limited rental and an unlimited one.

Does it mean you won’t want to offer property or rent it when in San Francisco? No, not at all! The city is still one of the busiest markets – even with new guidelines in place. When looking for a place to stay during a longer visit in San Francisco, consider the short term rentals and corporate apartments scattered throughout this charming region.

Arizona Furnished Housing for Baseball Players and Fans

Arizona sunset

As winter sets in and people start thinking about trips to warmer climates, there is one large group that is already clear on where they’ll stay warm during the winter months – baseball players, fans and everyone in the industry. Why? They have spring training to anticipate, and that means relocating to Florida and Arizona! It also means that now is the moment for anyone involved in this massive annual activity to scout out furnished apartments in Phoenix, corporate housing in Jacksonville, FL, furnished apartments in Orlando, and short term furnished apartments in both regions.

Baseball Fans in Arizona

While there are many ways to find furnished housing in Arizona and Florida, it is tough to beat the affordability, comfort and options that furnished apartments in Phoenix or other areas of the state provide. The same can be said of short term furnished apartments and homes in the Florida area. Unlike long stay business hotels or similar properties, when you turn to furnished housing or corporate housing, you are close to the training sites but also close to some of the best shopping, dining and commuting. After all, the furnished apartments in Orlando, the corporate housing in Jacksonville, FL and the furnished housing in Arizona will usually be in residential areas.

That means simple commutes to wherever you need to go, and without any overlap with the more commercial or tourist oriented areas. You also enjoy the home-like options such as fully equipped kitchens, yards and private gardens, quality furnishings and electronics, and a thoroughly relaxing place to savor the delights of spring training in Florida or Arizona.