5 Reasons to Choose Corporate Housing by Owner

As a property owner or investor, you will always perform regular assessments of your various holdings to be sure they are generating adequate returns, performing as expected, or if they need to be handled differently to adjust for trends. Because property investment tends to mean holding the asset rather than attempting to sell it, you usually want to hear that trends indicate positive changes in the future.

Fortunately, anyone who has a stake in CorporateHousingByOwner will be able to enjoy some terrific news from reports and statistics about corporate housing trends. With the advent of furnished housing websites, people are traveling more and opting for a “home away from home” experience instead of a standard hotel.

Consumers are choosing furnished rentals for short and long term needs. Nowhere is this more obvious than with corporate apartments. Unlike the vacation oriented sites in which property owners offer short corporate housing by owner logoterm housing in a private home setting, furnished corporate apartments are becoming the preferred accommodation of choice for long term rentals.

A 2014 report from CHBO revealed an impressive range of facts about the entire corporate apartment and short/long term housing market, and from this data, owners can glean many significant facts. Key among them are five very obvious reasons to select corporate housing by owner when you have temporary furnished apartments available.