13 Tips to Boost Your Sales This Black Friday for Corporate Housing Rentals

Black Friday Sale

Black Friday is a day that brings in billions of dollars in revenue each year for both physical and online businesses. This year is expected to bring in more money than ever before, so you should make sure that your corporate housing takes in its fair share. We’ll share some great tips to help you boost your sales on this exciting day.

Black Friday Sale

6 Beautiful Real Estate Postcards You Can Use

Thanksgiving letters

Are you looking for some beautiful Thanksgiving-themed postcards to represent your corporate rentals? It’s easier than you think. There are great options online that require very little work to get at your door and ready to send out. There’s no need to create a design all on your own, these designs are inexpensive and have proven appeal. Let’s take a look below!

Let Everyone in the Neighborhood Know Your Name

It might seem as if real estate marketing has moved beyond postcards, but that’s far from accurate. It’s a long-term strategy that can definitely add to your client base. It’s also a fantastic way to make those in the local area aware of your furnished housing options. This real estate postcard is sure to put a smile on the face of your recipients. You can include a photo of yourself and your staff and add a professional logo to the bottom. The good news is that most postcard companies will happily design the logo for you if needed.

Thanksgiving letters

Spread Some Thanksgiving Cheer to the Locals

The great thing about postcards is that it’s a cinch to get ahold of a mailing list targeting the demographics that matter to you. You can choose to target those with children, homeowners who are absentee, or all the homes in a specific neighborhood. You can also get targeted lists based on zip codes, income, and much more. Then all you have to do is send out the postcards to advertise your corporate rentals.

Thanksgiving letters

Go With Something Beautiful and Simple

One of the most important things to consider when sending real estate postcards is the image you use on them. You won’t be using a lot of text, so your picture truly is worth a thousand words. Get a professional photograph taken in high-resolution for the best results. You can find a photographer on sites like Angie’s List or Photosesh if you don’t have one already.

Thanksgiving letters

Celebrate With This Thanksgiving Postcard

To be sure that you are getting what you want from your postcard campaign, put a tracking system in place. If someone gets in touch based on a specific postcard, take down that information. Note which postcard it was and what call to action you used. You can also think about how long it took this person to get back to you. This data can help you determine which cards are doing best for your furnishing housing business.

Thanksgiving letters

Try a Postcard That is Light and Bright

Speaking of a call to action (CTA), you should always include one! Let the people you are mailing to know what you want from them. That might mean noting that you offer consultations or giving information about where to download a guide. You can take it a step further and promise to take the postcard in exchange for a coffee or snack for the best results.

Thanksgiving letters

Make Sure to Mail Out Holiday Postcards Every Year

The reality is that many people offering corporate rentals do not send out postcards. If you do, you are going to stand out to them. This provides an immediate advantage over those who aren’t putting in the work. It doesn’t take a lot of time so there’s no reason not to make it part of your marketing system from now on.

Thanksgiving letters

Choose one of these postcards or another one and get them out before the holidays. You’ll be glad you did. Wait and see what the results are. It might be something you want to continue beyond the holidays.

How to Avoid Rental Scams in Your Furnished Housing Properties

corporate housing scams

No one likes admitting when they have been scammed, and even more so when that scam has led to serious financial losses. Rental scams are the worst of these scenarios because there are so many ways that you might avoid them. Yet, when an individual or even an organization does manage to obtain furnished housing rentals from you, and then proves to be a scam, you might wish to pretend it never happened and move on. Is that a good idea? In a word: No. Instead, it’s a great idea to share details about any rental scams with others, and help improve the whole furnished housing industry for the many investors out there.

Below are some of our biggest tips for identifying rental scams and avoiding the culprits. We share them because we have experienced many ourselves, as you can read about in this previous article, and others.

Corporate Housing Scams

Red Flags

Here are the biggest and easiest to spot of the proverbial “red flags” that indicate your furnished housing is being targeted by a scammer:

They don’t complete the rental application – No blanks allowed should be your new motto. And even if the “name” given is a corporation, don’t just accept it. Do the research and find out all that you can, including full details about the individual actually seeking their “corporate” housing. This also applies if someone refuses to submit the rental credit application. It could be that they have a history of scams, really horrible credit or are unable to actually afford the rental. If someone refuses the credit check…refuse the application.

Incomplete data – The forms may seem to be complete, but don’t overlook a very common scam, which is to leave numbers (social security, credit card and phone numbers to be precise) incomplete. You can also ask for copies of documents like a driver’s license if you fear that an identity might not be all that authentic.

They’re in a hurry – They want that property of yours and they want it yesterday! This is one of the best types of rental scams because it forces you to rush into the deal, and these are often deals that end up costing you. Take your time, no matter what amount is at stake.

Differing stories – Have you gotten mixed messages from someone or some firm seeking your furnished housing? Maybe one person has spoken with you and someone who helps you at your business? Maybe you’ve gotten someone who wants nothing on paper or written down (i.e. all kinds of verbal agreements)? Maybe they tell you one thing during their first call and something else during another? If a story changes, even a little, it is probably scam related.

Cash offers – Finally, we once covered the issue of cash offers as rental scams. This too is a major red flag to be avoided.

Now you have some of our most recognizable scams and can dodge the worst offenders out there.