CHBO Annual Report Review: Property Locations and Number of Properties

The results are in, so let’s dig deeper. Each week CHBO will analyze data from the annual corporate housing report and open a discussion. Please provide feedback with your experiences in 2017. This week we discuss CHBO Property Locations.

CHBO Property Locations

We received hundreds of survey responses from property owners and real estate managers across the UnitedCHBO rental locations
States including 43 states and the District of Columbia.
Similar to last year, the top U.S. states for responses​ were:

1. California: 27% (up 6% from 2016)
2. Colorado: 15% (up 2% from 2016)
3. Texas: 10% (up 2% from 2016)
4. Washington: 5% (down 3% from 2016)
5. Georgia: 4% (down 2% from 2016)
6. Oregon and Illinois 4%

Number of Properties

46% of respondents say they have one rental property, tying the highest response we have had two years in a row. 37% report they have two to five properties (up from 35% in 2016). Perhaps the most interesting trend​ to note is that over the last six years, the property ownership numbers have generally stayed the same. (The one exception was in 2011 when we saw a 6% increase in property owners with one rental unit.We believe that may have been due to
the number of “accidental landlords” who entered the market at that
time, due to the economy.)

Given that more than eight in 10 survey respondents​ say they only have one to five rental units, the responses in this annual report truly reflect the independent corporate housing real estate segment.

Total properties Owned

1. Where are you’re properties located?

2. Are the properties located in the top cities reported by the CHBO community?

3. How many total properties do you manage?

Comment below or share this post with your response.

To learn more about this topic and other results, view the CHBO annual report.

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