3 Business Tips and Tools for Smart Company Relocation 

Here at CHBO we know that corporate housing is just one small piece of any company relocation or individual relocation.  Our primary goal at CHBO is to quickly connect those in need of furnished monthly residential housing with the right property to meet their needs.  In addition CHBO is passionate about being a knowledge base for all the ins and outs of property management, corporate housing, business travel, corporate relocation and all of those elements that intersect with corporate housing, so today here are some company relocation tips…

The decision to relocate a business is typically no different than relocating a residence. Relocation is an opportunity to pursue a promising path of further change, growth and success—and for enterprise companies, moving is a chance to take your business to the next level.

A new location may offer enhanced branding opportunities, a pool of more qualified employee candidates, close proximity to valuable customers, a greater space and even an improved quality of life. With thorough research, precise logistic and financial planning, relocation has the potential to completely transform your business.

If you’re ready to move your business, these tips and tools can help make for a smooth transition.

Location Matters

To find the right location, ask yourself, “What is non-negotiable and what can be safely comprised?” “What are my personal needs as an owner?” “Is this area where my target customers are?” Answers to these questions can help lead you to a smart decision. If you’re aiming to influence a new market, you’ll need to collect data that supports your move to a specific community.

Rental Discounts & Extended Stay Rentals

Yes there are generally rental discounts available for EXTENDED STAY RENTALS if you are willing and able to sign a longer term lease 🙂

Defining a “Longer-Team Lease”

How a property owner defines a “longer-term lease” can vary significantlyExtended Stay Housing Discounts, depending on the market and the property. One property owner’s definition may be three months, while another’s definition may be 12 months. Nonetheless, while these discounts may be applied differently, the discounted amounts are fairly consistent.

If you’re new to real estate, the takeaway here is to avoid over-discounting. Very few property owners discount by 15% or more. The key is to find the right balance between keeping your property rented and properly valuing your property.

This is what we found in the Annual CHBO Corporate Housing Real Estate Report

City Spotlight: Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada Corporate Rentals

As a Canadian I love to find great new cities to visit both for business and vacation travel and even better is to have it all… A business trip to a great city that I get to explore and love. Today we get to learn more about one of these amazing must see cities…

Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada is the perfect city for business corporate housing travel or for travel fun. A must visit place in the Spring.

Ever thought of just taking off and heading to the coast? Well as this winter is melting away there is no better place to do that than Halifax, Nova Scotia. Renowned for not only the beautiful beaches and scenery, eateries, watering holes and shopping, Nova Scotia is literally famous for its hospitality. And there is no better place to stay when visiting Halifax that in one of the beautiful options offered by Moore Executive Suites.

Halifax Canada Corporate RentalsWith a great variety of Canada corporate rentals suite, from cost effective bachelors (studios) in the historic property of the Mary Queen of Scots Inn, to high end corporate condominiums at Bishop’s Landing right on the Halifax waterfront, Moore Executive Suites has something for the business person relocating, student visiting to study, or adventurer ready to explore.