A Better Option Than a Security Deposit for a Furnished Apartment

ARDI for Your Corporate Housing Rental

We don’t know about you, but we really prefer our money to work for us and not sit earning low to no interest for someone else. Yet, this is exactly what a security deposit will do! Whether renting a furnished apartment or corporate housing, you understand why a security deposit is required, but all of that money could be going to much better use. That is why we suggest ARDI.

Accidental Rental Damage Insurance for Your Next Furnished Apartment Rental

Accidental Rental Damage Insurance is a low-cost policy that covers a set amount of damage that might occur during a stay in a furnished apartment of any kind. It is a form of accidental damage coverage and means that it would cover everything from repairs due to an overflowing bath tub to a few broken dishes.

Setting Up ARDI for Your Corporate Housing Rental

In our blog entitled “Sick of Paying Security Deposits? Here’s how to avoid ’em” we mentioned ARDI as a way of cutting out of pocket costs for corporate housing rentals. After all, many security deposits range in the hundreds to thousands of dollars. And though a furnished apartment might be paid for by a company, it shouldn’t put any stress on the budget or the bottom line.

Insurance rental by CHBO

And as you might guess, it isn’t just an option for renters, but also a great product for those renting corporate housing properties. As CHBO’s Jeremy Blackburn says, “ARDP (Accidental Rental Damage Protection) is still a great alternative to traditional deposits. It’s used by many of our landlords.”

This is why they include ARDI in their Property Protection Program with policies as high as $3k in accidental damage.

Keep in mind that unreported issues are not covered and you will want to always encourage renters to notify you as soon as they discover anything that would be covered by their policy.

5 Real Estate Marketing Ideas Cooked to Thanksgiving Perfection

For real estate agents, competition is a part of everyday life. However, when it’s near the holiday season, you have many options for adding to your marketing strategy in a way that clients may not be expecting. If you get started now, you can make sure you stand out while everyone is enjoying time with family and friends on Thanksgiving day. Take your corporate rentals marketing to the next level with these five ideas.

Tired of Daily and Weekly Corporate Apartment Rentals?

corporate apartment rental

It does not matter if you are using one of the daily or weekly property rental sites, or the whole array – this short term rental model may not be in your best interests. As one report about Airbnb recently noted, it is “cruising in uncharted territories” and raises issues with everything from insurance to local laws about hotels and other, similar accommodations. Some of the most popular cities are now beginning to crack down on property owners using such pathways to monetize their furnished housing, and that alone might make you consider the CHBO model instead.