What to Know Before Renting a Furnished Rental Sight Unseen

Furnished Home For Rent

You need a furnished rental or appropriate corporate housing for relocation purposes. Whether you intend it to be long-term or for a matter of months, you may find yourself in a rush or forced to take the furnished rental “sight unseen”. At the very least, that should you mean you get a lot of photos of the housing, take a look at the street using a tool like Google’s Street View, and do some basic homework on the general location and conditions.

Learn How to Respond to a Corporate Property Review in a Positive Way

Though many of us grew up with the idea that we are wiser to “choose our battles” and “turn the other cheek”, when it comes to reviews of a furnished rental you own, or corporate apartments and other similar properties, your worst approach to negative comments is to ignore it or walk away. In fact, there are a few ways you can handle negative comments on your furnished rental in a way that can end up harming you, too.