6 Safety Tips to Remember This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving dinner, Thanksgiving turkey. Served table

During Thanksgiving, millions of people head out onto the road to travel and meet up with friends and family members to enjoy the holiday. Whether you are hosting a grand Thanksgiving dinner at your home or heading out of town for the event, it’s important to keep yourself and your family safe. The most common risk on this holiday is fire, with three times as many cooking fires occurring on this day than other days.

Thanksgiving dinner, Thanksgiving turkey. Served table

Save big on a New Annual Packages & get a 50% OFF discount on Black Friday

Is “Advertise my Furnished Rental Property” one of your to-do’s?

Was it one of your 2017 New Year’s Resolutions? There’s no better time to cross that off your list than this “Black Friday”, November 24th.

Save big on a New Annual Package (new listings only, excluding Bronze and Platinum) and get a 50% OFF discount on Black Friday only.

Black Friday is time when corporate tenants, and shoppers in general, are looking for good deals. Put your property in the right place at the right time!

The holidays can be expensive – and saving 50% means more cash for gifts or even for upgrading your property, up to $250!

The CHBO Guarantee means you’ll be earning rental income for that new short-term apartment or home before the New Year, or your next six months are free!

Need a 2017 tax deduction? Marketing and upgrade costs for your corporate rental can be claimed on this year’s taxes. (In many cases; confirm with your accountant.)

Many corporate relocation, project assignments, and contract renewals happen on January 1st, so by listing now you’ll be seen at a time when new potential tenants, just informed of their upcoming move, will begin looking for accommodations.

Uh-oh! Can’t list on Black Friday or missed it? Don’t worry!

Cyber Monday, November 27th, offers you the chance for 30% OFF the same deal, so even if you snooze, you don’t lose, thanks to CHBO.

How to take advantage? 

Watch for a special code to be revealed on Wednesday, November 22nd for Black Friday savings, and another code on Saturday, November 25th to use for Cyber Monday.

Push Codes for Discounts:

Friday: ccyadirf2017

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How should I price my corporate housing rental property?

“How should I price my corporate housing rental property?”
“When should I negotiate, and when should I hold firm on my rates?”

What are the most asked questions at CHBO? You got it, “What are the current Corporate Housing Rental Rates.” Because these are the top questions we’re asked at CHBO, we’ve divided this topic into three sections in our CHBO Annual Report: Variance, Actual and Discounts.

Variance: Changes in Rental Rates

We asked respondents to evaluate their current rental rates compared to the previous year for the exact same rental property.  Rental rates

The great news is that 39% of respondents – an all-time high – report having higher or much higher rates in 2015. This number has been rising since 2013, and it’s significantly above the 22% reported in 2011.

Another positive sign… We saw a 3% decrease in the number of respondents who say their rental rates were identical to the previous year.

In 2015, only 4% say that had “lower” or “much lower” rates than the previous year. (This is consistent with 2014.) Collectively, this is a big contrast to the 2011 Corporate Housing Report in which 16% said they had “lower” or “much lower” rates than the previous year.

Actual: Rental Rates

Additional rental rate data was collected for month-to-month rentals based on the number