Value of Corporate Housing: Open Windows

Smart travelers value corporate housing because they have the power to open their windows.

Over the years, here at CHBO, we love to talk about the value of corporate housing for you the traveler. In fact, I just spent the day with a group of leaders helping Value of Corporate Housing: Open Windowsto produce a prime-time video on the values of corporate housing. We talked about the larger square footage of a corporate rental compared to a hotel room, we talked about the added health values of having a full-size kitchen vs something else, we talked about community and neighborhood connectedness and all those traditional great reasons to stay in a corporate housing rental.

However, after traveling a lot over the last few weeks it occurred to me I have a new favorite corporate housing value that had never occurred to me!!!! I have a new lodging value and a new travel passion – I love to OPEN WINDOWS!!! Yep, I love to be in control of my environment, I love to breath fresh air and I really appreciate the ability and power of just being able to open a window.

Open WindowsYep, it is just that simple. One of those little every day items we take for granted until it is taken away from us.  One of those freedoms we never knew we had until we just didn’t have it anymore.

So, my November “Value of the Month” for reasons to stay in corporate housing vs a hotel is simply the ability and the freedom to open your window in the place that you are calling home for the night, the week, the month or the year.

Since we are now entering the cooler months of the year it is not uncommon for larger commercial buildings like offices or hotels to turn off their air conditioning and if you are like me you love to have it on the cooler side when you sleep. How frustrating is it when Opening windows in corporate rental propertyyou are locked in a small little hotel box and can look out the window at the snow on the ground but have no ability to let even a little cool air into your little box 🙁 I know, bummer, right!

So seize your power of lodging choice, think furnished residential corporate housing when you need a place to stay and don’t take chances with just a shared furnished rental, get the standards you expect from a lodging solution and book a corporate housing rental property.

Seize the day, and open your window!!! My new favorite value of a
corporate housing rental.

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Corporate Lodging News: Increase in Defense Department TDY Rates

Travel Trends: How TDY Rates encourage the military traveler to use Extended Stay and Corporate Lodging Solutions.

Each year the defense department relocates hundreds of thousands of individuals and families in addition to all the long term projects that need housing around the world. In the last few years there has been a decrease in military demand for Corporate Housing Rentals. However with new TDY (Temporary Duty) reimbursement rates for stays longer than 30 days, that go into effect November 1st, 2014, we will start to see an increase in the military’s use of corporate housing as a cost savings option compared with utilizing hotels.

According to a recent article published by the Department of Defense: “Changes are meant to give long-term TDY travelers an incentive to seek out extended-stay lodgings, which generally are less expensive. Before this change, the Joint Travel Regulations encouraged travelers on extended TDY to seek out this type of lodging, but there wasn’t a requirement or incentive to do so.”

and they go on to say,Many of the conveniences available at extended-stay hotels can save money for travelers, and in turn, for DoD, Johnson said. “They offer the kitchenettes, the sink, the refrigerator — recognizing that people aren’t eating out at an expensive restaurant every day, three meals a day,” he explained. “And I believe that’s vital in this environment of sequestration and other external factors that have brought this on. So, we’ve got to make sure that people are traveling smarter and more [efficiently].””

It is exciting to see the DOD acknowledge the benefits of staying in a fully furnished residential property like the corporate housing lodging solutions available on CorporateHousingbyOwner (CHBO).

Did you know…

CHBO works hard to connect properties near military facilities with those military individuals in need of housing. Though our affiliate site Military Corporate Housing we work to make military housing a priority. To learn more about featuring your property on one of CHBO’s affiliate sites talk with a CHBO Property Specialist at 1.877.333.2426 or submit your property for a free evaluation.

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