Book Rental with CHBO – An Unforgettable New Year’s Eve Experience

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Are you stuck for something to do this New Year’s Eve? You could take the advice of one UK publication and book one of the amazing and fully furnished apartments in some of London’s best neighborhoods. If you are not traveling abroad, just take your cues from this concept and consider renting one of the premium fully furnished apartments in a major city or prominent destination.

Fully furnished apartment room

After all, the post-Christmas season is one in which a lot of corporate rentals and furnished properties are available, and you could easily enjoy a holiday in an popular area and in a setting that is unforgettable. For example, you could take one of the fully furnished apartments in a major city like New York, Miami,Chicago, Los Angeles or Houston. Maybe you want to be close to a specific region for its seasonal activities or New Year’s Eve events? Whether it is a world-famous, waterfront city like New Orleans or a skiing destination like Breckenridge in Colorado, it is likely that there are many fully furnished apartments ready to book for the holiday season.

In such settings, you can opt for a cozy, at-home celebration of the turning of the year or you can head out on the town. Remember that apartments are not limited to just one-bedroom properties, and you can also find larger and more luxurious homes that can be booked with family and friends. Imagine spending the night enjoying delicious dishes made in a gourmet kitchen, heading out to a private pool or rooftop lounge, gazing out at city lights from a balcony high above the streets or wandering an iconic neighborhood to take in all of the activities as the countdown nears… all of these options are possible.

Rooftop Pool in Fully furnished apartment

On top of the different options in all corners of the country, consider that many such properties make premium amenities available, too. You might find an apartment or condo-styled rental in a resort setting and have access to the facilities,or it might a beachfront home with a hot tub or pool. Many sites also make package deals available for booking during the quiet time after the holiday shave ended, so it could be a great way to enjoy some savings on a getaway with family or friends.

So, take time now to determine what your ideal New Year’s Eve looks like, and start to look around at the many corporate properties available. You’ll find them in all shapes and sizes and any of them could offer you an unforgettable New Year’s Eve celebration.

6 Steps to Make Your Vacation Rental Christmas Ready!

Christmas in corporate apartment

If you have corporate housing for rent or you offer furnished housing of any kind, it isn’t unreasonable to wonder whether or not you should decorate for the Christmas season. First things first, you should know that many rentals (both corporate housing for rent and vacation rentals) often note “decorated for the holidays” as a “plus”. So, if your furnished housing is in a market where this would apply, you should seriously consider taking steps to doll up the rental for the season.

Christmas in furnished apartment

But there is more to “Christmas ready” than decorations alone. It also has to be about a certain atmosphere you create around that corporate housing for rent. Here are our six biggest tips for making sure any of your furnished housing properties are the most Christmas ready possible:

  • Decorate for the season – You don’t have to go wild with the decorations, but it could be nice to add those touches that present a special sort of welcome along with that cozy, home away from home,Christmas spirit. White lights on the outside can be nice, along with a wreath on the door. A smaller, decorated tree would be ideal and some ornaments scattered around are great touches. You don’t have to invest in costly items –a few large bowls full of ornaments, some scented candles and holiday greens…these can create a real sense of the season.
  • Make the rental a special Christmas deal –Offer your furnished housing as a special package if rented over Christmas. For example, if a rental coincides with the holidays, promote the booking by adding on a few niceties like a meal at a local restaurant, a gift basket, breakfast on the day of Christmas, and so on.
  • Gifts – If you have a vacation or corporate housing for rent and it is booked for the Christmas season, it is a great idea to leave a holiday gift, usually something edible like some fresh or gourmet cookies and perhaps some hot chocolate mix. A gift card to a local business could also build a business relationship between you and local vendors.
  • Send and leave a holiday newsletter – Don’t send a corporate card when you can send a newsletter showing off the properties decorated for the season. Add information about your package deal and promote gift certificates.
  • Make the rental a gift itself – Keep in touch with all previous clients and incentive their giving a stay at the property by offering them a discount code or stay.
  • Make a donation – Holidays are an ideal time to donate to charities and you can then use these actions to prove to clients that you care about the community.
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A home for the holidays is what most of us seek and if you have clients in corporate rentals, ensure they have as cozy as home as possible using the tips above.

Why Corporate Rentals are an excellent investment opportunity

Every person who is looking to invest in corporate rentals needs to be aware that your property and yourself are the largest advertisements you have at your disposal. Ensuring that you come off as professional and friendly is crucial. Having a furnished property that is clean and maintained is the other half of things. If you want to ensure your fully furnished corporate rentals are in-demand, there are a few tips that can make you rise to the top.

Investment Opportunity in Home Rental Business