A Hollywood Furnished Rental is an Ideal Choice for Any Traveler

Tucked just minutes from the fantastic beach and boardwalk, and yet set within the trendy and appealing Downtown district, this Hollywood furnished rental provides a perfect setting. Whether in Hollywood for business or an extended holiday, this two-bedroom home is packed with style, charm, indoor and outdoor living spaces. Yet, it is but a short drive to the heart of town.

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Noted as one of the most appealing, but somehow lesser known, areas of eastern coastal Florida, Hollywood is comprised of more than 25 square miles of both coastal and inland areas. Home to the popular Hollywood Beach, with its not-to-be-missed oceanfront promenade, it has been named one of the best beach boardwalks in the country. However, it is not just the Hollywood Beach Boardwalk that makes the city so appealing to visitors and business travelers. The Downtown district is noted as a budding arts district with a bevy of galleries, an art house cinema, a popular cultural center and scores of businesses and restaurants.

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Of course, as home to such major corporations as Memorial Healthcare System, HEICO Corporation, Brandsmart, Chewy and other companies, it is also an ideal spot executive and business travelers of all kinds.

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Visitors in this furnished rental can easily walk to all of the shops, restaurants and even the beach, as they are less than four blocks from the front door – in general. However, this city has been designed with convenience in mind and there is a public trolley system along with ready access to private transportation via services such as Uber.

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This Hollywood furnished rental is described as Mid-Century home with all of the hallmarks of that esthetically appealing style. From the quaint little gardens and palms that surround the yard to the terra cotta tiled rooftop, the exterior is visually appealing and quite charming. The interiors are a perfect match and use a wonderful blend of materials, colors and styles to create a well-balanced, but eclectic setting.

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A large living room with premium entertainment system offers a great place to unwind each evening. Just steps away is the compact but complete, modern kitchen with stainless appliances and an amazing amount of appealing natural light from the private yard. Step out to the patio for morning coffee or just sit in your open floor planned living area.

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The two bedrooms are light and airy, furnished in a contemporary and yet relaxing and welcoming style. With views to the gardens from every room, off-street parking and a fabulous location, this Hollywood furnished rental is a great find.

Why Remote Check-In Is Your New Best Friend in Furnished Rentals

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Those who own furnished rentals know that there are many steps in the process of marketing, renting and handling such spaces. As one author recently explained, many owners “run their properties remotely, [and] the smaller details of renting – such as key handover, check-ins and check-outs – can cause headaches and stress.” Add to that the fact that whether a renter is traveling or arriving for a work-related stay, there are any number of factors that can disrupt the schedule. That can make it impossible to do “in person” greetings and check-ins for corporate rentals.

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This is why remote check-in is a perfect component for those with corporate housing and furnished rentals. What is remote check-in? Well, it can actually be many things, and is often what is easiest for you to handle. Let’s look at some of the most recommended for owners of corporate housing and furnished rentals.

  • Lock Boxes – This is a traditional method for real estate professionals and it works just as nicely for corporate rentals. All you do is leave a standard lock box on or by the door, and when the renter is cleared for the rental, you just send them the combination via email or text. You have step by step instructions for the use of the box and how they should handle the keys when leaving for the last time.
  • Smart Locks – With so many furnished rentals featuring automation, it makes sense to simply add the door locks to the home network. You simply change the code for each new guest in the corporate housing and send it to them upon clearance for the rental. Once they are recognized (via their phone) in the system once, the doors will unlock automatically for them each day.
  • ELocks – A bit less high tech than smart locks, they are just electronic deadbolts fitted on the doors of the premises. The guests are supplied the codes via email or text on the date of their arrival and can then use that unique code throughout their stay.

Naturally, you can always opt for the most old-fashioned method and hire someone to do it for you. A property manager can meet with new renters in person, give them the keys and show them the property. This can enable you to live anywhere and get the check-in (as well as everything else) done remotely. However, you might find that many modern renters are really happy to use the three approaches to check-in outlined above.

How to Avoid Rental Scams in Your Furnished Housing Properties

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No one likes admitting when they have been scammed, and even more so when that scam has led to serious financial losses. Rental scams are the worst of these scenarios because there are so many ways that you might avoid them. Yet, when an individual or even an organization does manage to obtain furnished housing rentals from you, and then proves to be a scam, you might wish to pretend it never happened and move on. Is that a good idea? In a word: No. Instead, it’s a great idea to share details about any rental scams with others, and help improve the whole furnished housing industry for the many investors out there.

Below are some of our biggest tips for identifying rental scams and avoiding the culprits. We share them because we have experienced many ourselves, as you can read about in this previous article, and others.

Corporate Housing Scams

Red Flags

Here are the biggest and easiest to spot of the proverbial “red flags” that indicate your furnished housing is being targeted by a scammer:

They don’t complete the rental application – No blanks allowed should be your new motto. And even if the “name” given is a corporation, don’t just accept it. Do the research and find out all that you can, including full details about the individual actually seeking their “corporate” housing. This also applies if someone refuses to submit the rental credit application. It could be that they have a history of scams, really horrible credit or are unable to actually afford the rental. If someone refuses the credit check…refuse the application.

Incomplete data – The forms may seem to be complete, but don’t overlook a very common scam, which is to leave numbers (social security, credit card and phone numbers to be precise) incomplete. You can also ask for copies of documents like a driver’s license if you fear that an identity might not be all that authentic.

They’re in a hurry – They want that property of yours and they want it yesterday! This is one of the best types of rental scams because it forces you to rush into the deal, and these are often deals that end up costing you. Take your time, no matter what amount is at stake.

Differing stories – Have you gotten mixed messages from someone or some firm seeking your furnished housing? Maybe one person has spoken with you and someone who helps you at your business? Maybe you’ve gotten someone who wants nothing on paper or written down (i.e. all kinds of verbal agreements)? Maybe they tell you one thing during their first call and something else during another? If a story changes, even a little, it is probably scam related.

Cash offers – Finally, we once covered the issue of cash offers as rental scams. This too is a major red flag to be avoided.

Now you have some of our most recognizable scams and can dodge the worst offenders out there.