The Perfect Patio Furniture Pairings for Your Corporate Housing

It’s that time of year to spend your afternoons on the patio enjoying the long days of summer. Kerrie gives insight on setting up your patio with the essentials to make your outdoor space desirable. Give your tenants another reason to choose your corporate housing for their next stay.

corporate housing patio table

No matter the size, your patio deserves perfect pairings to make your corporate housing patio a place your tenants will instantly fall in love with. Choosing the right pairings is all about combining function, fashion and fun for an outdoor space where your tenants can kick back and relax. Whether it’s a pint-size patio in need of a bistro set or a large deck with a grand rustic dining table, there are pairings for every style and size. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite patio furniture pairings and accessories to match so you can get your outdoor area in tip-top shape for your new corporate housing tenants.

CLASSIC PATIO in corporate housingClassic

For those homes with classic grandeur, or those that want to create a timeless outdoor space, prim and proper pairings are the way to go. This doesn’t necessarily mean lay on the filigree—instead, opt for rod iron furniture in simple designs and accent them with pillows and cushions in the style of your choice. Create a new take on an English garden retreat by accenting your furniture with modern floral prints and black and white striped cushions, or create an elegant retreat for tenants with classically neutral upholstery and a few large lanterns scattered around. A rod iron bistro set tucked into an intimate corner of an outdoor area creates the perfect spot for your tenants to enjoy their morning paper and coffee.

Cozy Patio Furniture On Luxury Outdoor Patio

Teak furniture is a mainstay for outdoor furniture for a reason. Durable and simply finished, teak furniture is a classic choice for transitional outdoor spaces as it can be paired with a variety of patterns, accessories and textures. Create a dining area for your tenants paired with string lights for a place to gather for meals and games, or pair a transitional table with wicker chairs for a classic, yet refined look. A cozy reading nook is perfect for spring days, so pair an oversized chair with a fun side table for holding a book and a yummy beverage.

design and furniture in modern patioContemporary

Create a contemporary haven for tenants with chic outdoor furniture and fun accessories. Outdoor furniture in modern finishes is perfect for creating a sophisticated gathering area for tenants and potential corporate visitors. The beauty of outdoor spaces is their ability to function like another room in the house. Have a large backyard? Take advantage by creating a variety of areas for conversation. A cluster of outdoor lounge chairs with a sophisticated coffee table is perfect for Friday night catch-ups, while a set of chaise lounge chairs is ideal for catching rays during the summer. Add a sleek bar cart and you’ve got yourself a contemporary patio your tenants will love.

Rustic corporate housing patio


Create a rustic retreat for year-round entertaining your tenants are bound to fall in love with. We love rustic outdoor furniture for its ability to transform any patio into a cozy haven for gatherings. Flank an open fireplace with a rustic wooden bench and a few chairs with plaid wool blankets for a prime s’more-making space. For summer, accompany a rustic outdoor picnic table with Adirondack chairs—your tenants will love curling up there with a lemonade and a good book.

No matter what your style, creating a variety of areas and functions in your outdoor area will make for an unforgettable time for your tenants. What perfect patio furniture pairings have you used in your corporate housing?

Kerrie Kelly of Kerrie Kelly Design Lab is an award-winning designer who provides design advice for The Home Depot. She gives great pointers on matching your patio furniture to your home’s decor. To see more of the outdoor furniture styles that Kerrie talks about in this article, visit The Home Depot.

Bathing Beauty: Tips on Creating a Spa-Like Bath Space

By Kerrie Kelly, ASID

Kerrie is back at it again. She is here to share how to take a typical bathroom and make it a spa like setting. Introduce a few of these tips to your furnished rental and wow the next customer.

Furnished Bathroom

Whether it’s through a full remodel or by adding a few chic accessories, transforming your bathroom into a spa-like retreat is perfect for attracting new renters. Creating a sanctuary with natural finishes, clean palettes and spa accessories is a timeless way to update a bathroom while keeping your space neutral. Before listing your property, let’s take a look at a few of our favorite tips on how to turn your space into an inspiring hideaway. Potential renters will never look back!

Introduce Natural Materials

Introducing natural finishes and textures is a sure way to transform your drab bathroom into a spa hideaway. Simple additions like teak shower benches, bamboo vanity accessories and natural fiber towels are all affordable ways to update the space. Warm wood in vanities, benches and accessories can easily transform a space into a tropical oasis or Zen sanctuary. If a remodel is on the table, choose natural, textured materials—think pebbled floors, warm natural stone, concrete and wood.

Why Are Furnished Apartments Preferred Over Hotels?

Anyone who often finds themselves in need of corporate rentals is far more likely to find what they need in a furnished apartment. Rather than booking a classic hotel room, taking a furnished apartment will ensure many different needs are met. Let’s consider just a few of them:

Much More Room

While you may not feel you need a lot of space for a lengthy business trip or long-term project, there is a difference between space and “room”. After all, it can get quite tedious to eat, sleep and relax all in one big space. A hotel room is generally going to have that studio-type layout, and business travelers find themselves feeling a sense of “cabin fever” because there is not much room.

Luxury Home

A furnished apartment, on the other hand, has a kitchen, living room, and at least a single bedroom – sometimes more. While corporate rentals average around 190 square feet, your typical apartment is well over 500 square feet.