Why Travelers Choose CHBO Over Hotels and Extended Stays

Fully furnished apartment for rent by CHBO

There are many reasons that travelers make extended stays in specific cities or regions. Though many might experience a “knee jerk reaction” of thinking about booking their stay in some sort of hotel or property designed for extended stays, many are reconsidering. Instead, the ever-increasing trend is toward booking stays in CBHO or corporate housing by owner properties. There are many reasons, and these include:

  • Hotels and extended stays are typically far more expensive.
  • Most extended stays are designed for convenience and for business travelers only, this can make them extremely cold, generic and very uncomfortable. For example, imagine eating, sleeping, and relaxing all on one big space for weeks or months on end. Imagine uncomfortable and un-homelike furnishings.
  • Essential services are not part of the rate of most extended stays and this means that, in addition to already being more expensive, there are further costs. For example, laundry means going to a Laundromat yourself or paying someone a high amount to do it. With furnished rentals, the machines are there and you can do loads as you watch TV and make a delicious home-cooked meal
  • Travelers in CHBO properties begin their stay with a friendly greeting by a property owner or local. This is much more sincere and appealing than the front desk people who may have a sort of “canned” smile and who must be polite as it is part of the job. With CBHO, you meet a host who looks after your needs and puts a much more humane face on everything from service calls to departures.
  • A CHBO property is not a “branded” property. The owner is not trying to sell anything extra, and so your weeks or months are just as they are at home, and without a constant flood of brands and products being promoted at every turn.
  • CHBO properties are often much larger and roomier. Whether on your own or with fellow travelers, an authentic home provides you with a lot more living space with both indoor and outdoor living spaces.
  • Most CHBO properties also allow you to bring pets, and this can be a tremendous advantage whether traveling alone or with a group; further ensuring it feels like a home away from home.
  • Finally, hotels and extended stays are always chosen for their convenient locations. Close to business parks or major business areas, they may not be the nicest places to remain for weeks or months at a time. CHBO properties typically appear in actual housing areas including apartments, neighborhoods and subdivisions.

Corporate rentals vs Hotel stays

Travelers have consistently proven that they like the idea of a hotel’s customer service, but on almost all other points, they would rather be in a more private, home-like environment. This is why there has been such a surge of interest in CHBO properties. They let visitors enjoy the same convenient locations but in much roomier, more comfortable and more appealing settings, ensuring a stay is as satisfying as possible.

Quick ways to make great Property Style – The Lamp!

Yes, we all want Rental Property Style!

As unique human beings we all seek our own personal style! Yes we do! If we didn’t we would all be wearing the same outfit every day and we would match everyone else. It is in our DNA to want to have choices and when choosing a rental property we do value great rental property style. It is just a fact. Some people are willing to pay more for that style, some people may value that style less and just want an efficiency when it comes to their rental property, however we all want to choose.

As a landlord of a furnished rental property you have choices about your property style and how you communicate that style to potential renters. Most importantly is to communicate the value of your furnished rental property correctly so your next tenant is satisfied with their decision to rent your property and in turn will provide you with a great property review and possibly even a referral for your next renter.

Today Kerrie Kelly, a professional interior designer, is sharing 4 simple tips on how you can improve your rental property style with just a floor lamp…

4 Ways to Elevate Rental Property Style with just a Floor Lamp By Kerrie Kelly, ASID

Lighting is key in any space, but that’s especially so in apartments or rentals. When prospective renters are looking for a new home, one of the main characteristics they look for in a new pad is the lighting. Is there adequate overhead lighting? Task lighting? How about natural light? Should these specific types of lighting be unavailable at the time of their decision, let your renters know they can spice up their space with floor lamps, the most versatile and design-friendly type of lighting out there. Here are four ways to style floor lamps.

1. Open and EclecticFurnished Property Style with lamp

Arced lamps nod to Mid-century design bliss while those with oversized shades add a unique touch to a room looking for an extra bit of oomph. One of our favorite ways to add an eclectic floor lamp to a space is by situating it near a reading nook or lounge area, like the living room. Arced lamps and those with oversized shades help to boost style factor and functionality. Choose a lamp with a metallic stand for a touch of luster and neutrality, or use a unique shade to add color and contrast.

2. Make it ModernRental home with lamp for Property Style

Contemporary style is all about creating angles and sharp edges, and what better way to do that than with a geometric floor lamp?

Furnished rental tips to survive in the world of Expedia

5 steps to financial success and control of your furnished rental property!

Yes, landlords got spoiled with their furnished rentals when the internet allowed them to efficiently and economically connect with potential renters around the world. Furnished, unfurnished, daily, weekly, monthly and annually leasing all got easier with the connectivity offered by the internet.

Today a lot of these landlords are living in fear because those internet tenants are going away and costing more. How did this happen?  How can you, the landlord, protect yourself from financial ruin?

Simple answer: Go Back to the Basics!How To Make Money

No business, no landlord, should ever sit back and rely on one source of income. It is that simple, you need to diversify your marketing. Take control of your destiny by taking control of your marketing.

Somewhere along the line landlords got comfortable with getting all their rentals from one source. I was talking with an associate last week who has been managing a vacation rental property in Winter Park, Colorado for the last 10 years and getting 100% of her renters from VRBO. Good for her, but the game has changed. I asked if she had been developing repeat clients over the past 10 years. “No,” she said. “I didn’t need to develop relationships with my renters because VRBO gave me new ones every year.” “Do you have a website to market your rental property?” I asked. “No,” she replied. “I get everything from VRBO.”

OK, Time to wake up! The nice little website VRBO which has been diligently sending property owner’s renters is now GONE for GOOD and it is not coming back.

Fact: The reason Expedia paid $3.9 billion for HomeAway is because it was under monetized. This means that HomeAway was only charging 3-4% of each rental where Airbnb was taking 10-13% and Booking.com was taking over 15%. Marketing fees are going up and they are not going up by a little, they are going up by a lot.

There are a lot of issues with the new Expedia / HomeAway / VRBO monopoly that will be hurting the individual landlord but we will talk more about those later.

Today we need to talk about marketing your furnished rental property so you are in control of your financial success.