Fantastic Ideas to Help Property Managers Track Maintenance Tasks

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As a property manager of a furnished rental, you likely understand how much work you are required to do in terms of tracking and verifying maintenance tasks for your properties. You are required to track all of the paperwork, ensure a repair person is present to take care of tasks, verify the work process as it goes on, track all of the invoices for maintenance work, account for payments, and much more. This is something that can get overwhelming extremely quickly, even for the most experienced and efficient property manager.

The good news is that as technology grows and changes, there are more and more options for keeping on top of things. An example is a simple-to-use app, AppFolio, which gives you everything you need to ensure maintenance tasks are handled, tracked, and verified in real time. What’s even better is that it goes beyond those initial tasks and provides a robust system to help run your properties with ease.

Software like AppFolio provides a way to more efficiently resolve maintenance issues but also helps you draw in new renters and owners in order to grow your business. It also gives you access to the most modern marketing tools to help your short-term housing properties remain competitive in a landscape that is continuously changing. On top of that, you also get access to robust accounting software and an optimized option or managing, leasing and renting of your short-term housing.

Even those who have a mixture of properties offered as a furnished rental, this app and others like it can offer you assistance. It doesn’t matter if you’re managing student housing, residential homes, commercial buildings, or community associations. The apps provide the support and training that you need to succeed in your role while doing so more quickly than you currently do.

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If you’re looking to see a quick return on your furnished rental investment, this type of app helps you collect rent money more quickly and fill your vacancies fast. You will also save on expensive things like storage, paper, and supplies. Beyond that, you’ll see that managing properties and growing your business is less expensive since you won’t need to hire on additional staff.

So, if you haven’t taken advantage of management software for maintenance tasks, it might be something you should consider. Good luck!

Tips for Preventing Subletting in Your corporate apartment rentals

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If you follow trends in housing, you see that furnished housing rentals and corporate apartment rentals have spiked over the past few years – particularly in popular urban locations. However, they are also used for longer holiday homes, too, and so it is important that property owners know all of the different issues that can occur when offering up such housing options. One of the most difficult is the issue of subletting.

It is usually a given that furnished housing rentals are not permanent or long term. Most corporate apartment rentals are completely furnished, as are many seasonal rentals. The problems begin when the different groups or individuals who have taken the rentals find they do not need the premises for the length of the contract. Rather than pay for an empty property, they opt to secretly sublet their furnished housing rentals and corporate apartment rentals.

Typically, this goes against the terms of the lease or contract signed and is actually illegal. In fact, as one journalist explained, “unauthorized subletting could expose properties to a whole host of risks, including out-of-control parties, uninsured property damage, disorderly conduct, drug use, and other aberrations.”

Yet, monitoring for it is a timely and often impossible task. You cannot sit outside your furnished housing rentals each day to be sure only the approved renters are entering and exiting. What can you do about it? You nip it in the bud!

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One company in Australia found the perfect approach to overcoming subletting of corporate apartment rentals through the use of online monitoring. After all, to rent out a property means listing it online. The firm created software and techniques that enable them to identify properties their clients indicate as already leased or rented, should they appear as “for let” or as available for rent on any of the most common sites used to list them.

In fact, many property management companies are already using similar methods to ensure that their clients’ corporate rentals are not becoming victim to subletting. If you have any properties you offer for short term rentals and as furnished rentals, it is wise to have a way to monitor for illegal subletting. You can ask your property management company about such options or you can make a point of running a search, once each week for the address, location and even photos of the property you listed. Often, this can turn up illegal subletting before it occurs and spare you the headaches of trying to evict those illegally occupying the property.

Hoarding Situations and Short-Term Apartments

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It might seem entirely impossible for tenants in short term apartment rentals to create a hoarding situation, but it is far more common than you might know. One organization has determined that hoarding disorders affect up to 15 million people, and that it is an endless behavior. This means that property managers of short term apartments must take the matter seriously and make plans to address the issue if it arises.

How? There are some obvious warning signs for longer term rentals, such as a year without a single maintenance call, but even short-term apartment rentals can provide a few clues that a problem is present.

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As a property manager, you will want to pay attention to the amount of garbage each tenant tosses on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. If you notice almost no trash from a renter, it may be a sign of hoarding. Odd odors are another indicator that a hoarding situation is present, and ignored efforts to get in touch is also another red flag.

If you are in charge of short term apartments, you can address the situation with diplomacy as this usually creates the best results. Because it is a disorder, you want to hold off on immediate eviction if you discover it has occurred. Instead, consult with an attorney, insert clauses that allow for spot inspections in all rentals and train any staff to be alert to this risk with any and all rentals. Remember that regular inspections as part of a rental arrangement can be the best approach to preventing hoarding in the first place.