3 Business Tips and Tools for Smart Company Relocation 

Here at CHBO we know that corporate housing is just one small piece of any company relocation or individual relocation.  Our primary goal at CHBO is to quickly connect those in need of furnished monthly residential housing with the right property to meet their needs.  In addition CHBO is passionate about being a knowledge base for all the ins and outs of property management, corporate housing, business travel, corporate relocation and all of those elements that intersect with corporate housing, so today here are some company relocation tips…

The decision to relocate a business is typically no different than relocating a residence. Relocation is an opportunity to pursue a promising path of further change, growth and success—and for enterprise companies, moving is a chance to take your business to the next level.

A new location may offer enhanced branding opportunities, a pool of more qualified employee candidates, close proximity to valuable customers, a greater space and even an improved quality of life. With thorough research, precise logistic and financial planning, relocation has the potential to completely transform your business.

If you’re ready to move your business, these tips and tools can help make for a smooth transition.

Location Matters

To find the right location, ask yourself, “What is non-negotiable and what can be safely comprised?” “What are my personal needs as an owner?” “Is this area where my target customers are?” Answers to these questions can help lead you to a smart decision. If you’re aiming to influence a new market, you’ll need to collect data that supports your move to a specific community.

Corporate Housing and Furnished Apartments Are The Key Element of a Great Relocation

Whether you’re an individual relocating to a new city for work or you’re in charge of facilitating employee relocation for your business, you should be aware of the key elements for a successful relocation. You already know about compensation and other factors, but have you considered corporate housing? When employees move from one area to another, staying in a furnished apartment can be a more hospitable way to ease the transition and save money at the same time.

furnished apartment

How Employees Benefit From Corporate Housing

On the employee side, staying in a furnished apartment is a lot more comfortable than staying in a hotel for several weeks (or even months). Instead of staying in a tourist district or another inconvenient location, you’ll get to stay in a nice neighborhood that’s close to work, where you can easily get to know the area and learn about where you want to live.

Not only that, but you won’t have to move all of your furniture twice when you go from your rental to the house you decide to buy. Instead, you can keep all of your large belongings and furniture in storage and only move them once. In the meantime, you’ll be staying in a furnished apartment or house that has plenty of room for you and your family so that you’ll all have your privacy and space.

How Corporations Benefit From Corporate Housing

At the same time that corporate housing helps make relocation easier for employees, it’s also a great option for corporations, as well. When compared with traditional hotels (and even extended stay hotels), a furnished apartment is actually less expensive while giving better amenities. So, your corporation can save money on your relocation budget, and you can impress your new employees, too.

Relocation doesn’t have to be difficult, and staying in a furnished apartment makes it that much easier for people moving from one city or state to another. Whether you’re paying for your own relocation or using a relocation stipend for your move to another area, consider a furnished apartment instead of an extended stay hotel. If you’re in charge of helping employees relocate to your area (or to another part of the country), consider partnering with CHBO to find the best furnished corporate housing for your employees at prices that will make relocation a breeze for your corporation.

Now you can see how corporate housing is an essential part of relocation and how it helps everyone involved. Book your stay today!

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