Remote Security for Your Furnished Rental Home

Rental Security for Rental Home


Landlords lose money when their rental properties go unoccupied, but they risk losing even more if the empty property is burglarized. And tenants want to feel safe and secure in their rental homes. Modern security systems can satisfy both: They make it easy to monitor rental properties and they also have the added convenience of remote management of locks, temperature control, and much more. Here are a few basic features landlords and renters should keep in mind when choosing a system to help secure their furnished rental home.

Security Systems for furnished rental property

Keeping It Clean Between Tenants

Ideas about keeping your property clean during and after tenants!

You may find that tenants who stay for longer periods of time tend not to be the best housekeepers. But there are a few ways you can get your tenants to keep your home clean…Keeping your property clean

Leave cleaning supplies inside the property. Mark them clearly as to their purpose, as you don’t want furniture polish being used on your hardwood floors. Keeping supplies under the kitchen and bathroom sinks will provide those much needed hints to your tenants to tidy up.

Guide your tenant. Communication is key to keeping your home well maintained. Make sure you talk to your tenants about their responsibility in cleaning the home and reporting any maintenance issues to you right away. Build this into your contract so you protect yourself and your home. If they are too busy to maintain the home, you should charge them a fee to bring in a cleaning service – a fee they may happily pay in exchange for not having to scrub toilets and floors. You should also document cleaning instructions in your personal Property Manual.

Build in cleaning fees. One of the best ways to keep your rental home looking clean and well maintained is to simply build into your lease agreement a cleaning service. Doing so will ensure the property gets thoroughly cleaned and that there is no deferred maintenance when you’re not around to inspect it.

Remember, regular maintenance is key to keeping your home in tip-top-shape year after year.

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What Are the Best Markets for Buying a Rental Home?

The research firm RealtyTrac recently conducted a survey of the best U.S. markets to buy a single family home for the purpose of renting it out. The firm picked the top 20 markets that represent the best chance for generating good cash flow.

Eight markets in Florida, which was hit hard by the housing bubble, made the list, as prices make a strong return. Also, Atlanta and Phoenix topped the list, which are two of the most popular cities searched for short-term corporate housing rentals on

If you’re in the market for a rental home – and are considering renting it out traditionally or as a corporate rental – consult this list to find a market where you might find the most success.

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