7 Things That Get Corporate Rental Revisits

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A recent article on vacation rentals and short term rentals said that “repeat business is the Holy Grail”. In other words, getting visitors who have already enjoyed a stay to book again (and potentially for years to come) is the ultimate goal. Of course, it is also an issue to consider from the opposite side of the coin, i.e. “why are renters only visiting once and not again?”

vacation rental

We’ll look at seven things that can help you to win over your renters and nurture ongoing business that ensures they revisit at least once, if not on a regular basis.

First things first, that opposite side of the coin mentioned above; renters who don’t return. If someone disliked the rental on their first visit, it is entirely unlikely that they ever will. That means that your mindset, as a property owner, is to look over the rental or rentals you make available, and strictly with the eyes of a potential renter. You will be looking for everything that could lead you to dislike the property on sight. Colors, décor, outdated appliances, general grubbiness, odors, stains, anything that might make you think “Ick”.

After that, consider these seven points:

  • Be clear – No one wants to arrive after traveling only to find they have to go back out for toilet paper, soap, and other items. Be very clear about what is provided, and what is not. Be clear about all policies long before a renter arrives so they can make plans.
  • Realistic capacity – If the property is touted as sleeping eight but has an apartment sized kitchen or appliances, inadequate numbers of linens, or other shortages in space or supplies, recalculate your maximum capacity to actual functionality.
  • About supplies – If the property is rented as furnished for a specific number, make sure that the supplies match. Again, if it says it sleeps eight, be sure there is a full service for eight in the kitchen cabinets, along with at least eight mugs, eight drinking glasses and more than enough silverware. Be sure basics appear in those supplies too – coffee filters, unopened salt and pepper shakers, paper products and so on.
  • Tidy simplified – Most vacationers or renters want to be able to tidy up after themselves. They know the property will be cleaned, but be sure you provide brooms, some cleaners, mops and so on.
  • Think of everyone – Renters can include kids. Have some kid-friendly items on hand (plastic cups and plates, some board games or puzzles, extra blankets, and so on).
  • Remember where you are – A rental is not always convenient to key locations like grocery stores. Let renters know in advance so they can purchase ahead of time, and be sure adequate storage and refrigeration is supplied if this is the case.
  • Be present – Ensure you get revisits by creating an atmosphere worthy of revisiting. If you follow the tips above, you should be good to go, but also remember to thank visitors afterwards, offer discounted stays for second-timers and so on.

Have any questions? Please don’t hesitate to ask in comments section also don’t forget to apply all these tips if you have a rental property and searching for short term rentals, You can also list your furnished rental property in our site to find tenants.

Target Your Tenants’ Demographic

If you’re like a lot of investment property owners, you probably want to know how you can attract the very best tenants for your short-term rental properties. After all, if you’re renting temporary apartments in a luxury area, you want to find the kinds of tenants who can afford to pay your rental rates and who will be more likely to take care of your property, right?target-audience

In a lot of cases, finding the best tenants actually has a lot to more to do with targeting the right demographics than background checks. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t run background and/or credit checks on your potential tenants, but if you target the correct demographics, you’ll basically have pre-screened your tenants for income, lifestyle, etc.

Know Your Location

So how can you market your short-term rental to the right tenants? Start by taking a good look at your property and its location. Is your property located within an easy commute of a large financial district? If so, you may want to start focusing your advertising and marketing efforts on business sites and publications. And you may want to develop your brand on social media and your other online presences as catering to businessmen and women.

Write a Targeted Listing

How you write your listing could do a lot for you, as well. If your property is located near a hospital and you expect a large percentage of your tenants to be medical professionals who will be working long hours under a lot of stress, you’ll want to focus on how quiet, convenient, and peaceful your property is. If you’re in an area with a big draw for tourists, you’ll want to play up the location and how it is right around the corner from everywhere that your tenants want to be.

Basically, the better you know your area and your potential tenants, the better you can target your listing to them. If you target your listing correctly, then you can post it to social media and other platforms, and you’ll be on your way to getting more tenants and less vacancy time.

Expect Fewer Applicants But More Success

This might sound crazy, but if you focus your marketing efforts on your ideal tenants’ demographic, you’re going to get fewer applications – and that’s a good thing! Why? Because almost all of those applications will be qualified tenants who are looking for a short-term rental like yours in your area.
In other words, those other applications that you might get if you went with a broader marketing scheme would only make your property look like it’s more popular. A lot of them would fall through, or the applicants would flake out on you, and you’d end up with a lot of wasted time and energy going through applications and background checks that simply will not pan out.

Think of it like dating. If you know your type, then you can filter out people you know you won’t be attracted to. When you know your ideal tenants’ demographic, you can weed out a lot of people who wouldn’t qualify to rent your temporary apartments from you.

Advertise Where Your Tenants Hang Out

Finally, as you figure out your tenants’ demographics for your short-term rental, you should also do a little bit of research on the places where your tenants spend time, both online and in the real world. Pay attention to their preferred social media sites, the businesses they patronize, and other habits they have. Again, the better you know your tenants, the better you’ll know where to advertise temporary apartments to them and the more time your property will spend occupied instead of vacant.

Why to Consider the Neighborhood – When Choosing a Corporate Rental?

If you’re relocating for work, whether it’s only for a few months or you’re
preparing to move permanently, a corporate rental is a great place to start. You 
don’t have to worry about moving or buying furniture, and you don’t have the 
pressure of buying a house in a market and/or neighborhood that you don’t know.  
All that said, though, you should really do some research on neighborhoods 
where you’re considering renting furnished homes. If you’re only going to be 
living there for a few months and then returning home, you may not think this is 
important, but even if that’s the case, you might be surprised at what a difference 
the right neighborhood can make while you’re staying in your corporate rental property. This is especially true if you’re bringing your family with you for your
stay, and it’s a good consideration because you never know when you’ll be 
offered a permanent position in a new city. 

Corporate Rental in nice Neighborhood

Make Life Easier with a Quick Commute 

Even if you aren’t considering staying in the city where you’re renting beyond a 
few months or a year, why make life harder for yourself? Research the area 
where you’ll be working and look for attractive properties in good, safe 
neighborhoods nearby. If you don’t do this, you could end up renting a house or 
condo that’s all the way across town and has a dreadful commute. You don’t 
want to begin and end your day that way, even if it’s only for a short time. 
As you look at neighborhoods where you can find a good corporate rental, look 
for all of the amenities you need and want. Do you want to be walking distance 
from the grocery store, dining and entertainment, and/or shopping districts? Do 
you need access to public transit while you’re staying here? Is there enough 
parking that you won’t have to spend an hour finding a place to park your car if 
you drive to and from work every day? Answer these questions for yourself and 
ask a few more that pertain to your specific needs for a good neighborhood, and 
you’ll be much happier while you’re staying at your corporate rental. 

Get to Know the Area Before You Buy 

As we mentioned earlier, though, you may not only be staying for a few months. 
You may be preparing to move here for a new job. In this case, you can get to 
know the neighborhood and surrounding area before you buy a house here.